• Ann-Marie Johansen

What's Smoking Costing You?

What is smoking costing you?

In 2016, I saw over 300 smokers.

I asked each client how many cigarettes that they smoke. Now, that number ranged from 5 per day to 60 per day.

Out of all the people I saw in 2016 the average smoker smoked 25 per day, so lets call it a packet a day.

At the time of writing this (March, 2017) the average packet of cigarettes cost $25, so that's $175 per week! (some people pay less, some people pay more)

So based on these figures the average smoker spends approximately $9,100 per year, every year....and rising.

In May 2016 the federal government announced that it will increase the tobacco excise by 12.5 per cent a year for the next four years.

The plan will cause the price of a packet of 25 cigarettes to rise to about $40, which will then cost the average smoker $480 per week, which equates to a hefty $14,560 per year!!!!

The current cost of The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic Stop Smoking Session (as at March 2017) is $290. Read More Here

So the average smoker I see at our Stop Smoking Clinics is spending $25 per day on smoking ... breaks even of our $290 session cost after just 12 days, then the rest is pure profit!

It's like an annual pay rise (After tax) of over $9,000 per year, every year when a pack a day smoker gives up.

In saying all of that, our experience shows us that money is not the best motivator to give up. Sure it is one motivator, but if you are considering stopping smoking by coming to see us I'd like you to think about "How will your life improve by stopping smoking?

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