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What's Smoking Costing You?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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"The cost of smoking is putting Brisbane families in financial stress", says Ann-Marie Johansen, Owner of The Brisbane and The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic.

"When we first started this business in 2010, if people said that their main reason to stop smoking was financial we would ask them for other reasons, as people could always find a way to manage to pay for them,

"But with the price increases over the years, if a couple smoke a pack a day each they are spending more money each year than the average mortgage, and that is just illogical,

"I see the financial burden and toll that this places on families and there is another price rise looming around the corner", said Ann-Marie

Financial Stress Gold Coast Stop Quit Smoking

"The Government announced in the 2017-18 Budget that annual excise increases will continue between 2018 and 2020". (source: Australian Government Department of Health Website)


With another price rise on the way in September 2019, what's smoking costing you?

Eg: 45 year old, who commenced smoking at the age of 20, and smokes 20 cigarettes per day,

Stop Smoking Hypnosis near me

(source: heart online.org)

Stop Smoking Hypnosis near me

(source: heart online.org)

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