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Is Hypnosis Right For Me?

Many of my clients first wondered, “is hypnosis right for me?” . You've heard it helps, perhaps you even know someone that has been successful after seeing me.

You may know that hypnosis is highly successful in helping people stop smoking and you may even know that hypnosis is a natural and comfortable process but still a little unsure. (which is completely normal to feel this way....We talk in-depth about this in our session)

My clients tell me that Hypnosis makes quitting easier than going cold turkey (i.e.: no withdrawals) or other methods they have tired. Read what some of my clients say here.

This is an excellent place to be to discover the answer for your self, here is a quick checklist to help you decide if you’re ready to take the next step. Take a few moments to answer the questions for yourself.

Hypnosis Quiz

1) Are you quitting smoking for yourself?

2) Do you feel you are ready to quit?

3) Are you looking forward to a smoke free life?

4) Are you sick and tired of smoking?

5) Are you committed to stopping?

6) Are you ready to take the steps needed to reclaim your freedom and health?

7) Are you willing to step outside of the box and try something new?

8) Have you ever been curious about hypnosis and what it can do for you?

9) Are you excited for your life after smoking?

If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions you are in just the right place to take that next step into your future.

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